Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Third EQUINET Regional Conference on Equity in Health in East and Southern Africa

Third EQUINET Regional Conference on Equity in Health in East and Southern Africa: "Reclaiming the Resources for Health: Building Universal People Centred Health Systems in East and Southern Africa"
Speke Conference Center, Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda
September 23-25, 2009

The conference starts the morning of 23rd September and closes on the afternoon of 25th September. Pre- and post-conference workshops will be held on the 21st to the 27th of September, depending on the session.

Topics to be covered at the Third EQUINET Regional Conference on Equity in Health include:
  • Claiming rights to health
  • Equitable health services
  • Globalisation and women’s health
  • Social empowerment in health systems
  • Fairly resourcing health systems
  • Equity in health services responses to AIDS
  • Participatory, PHC approaches to health priorities
  • Valuing and retaining health workers
  • Building Parliamentary alliances and people’s power in health
  • Policy engagement for health equity
  • Trade and health
  • Access to health care: addressing barriers in vulnerable groups
  • "Eye on Equity" approaches to keeping a watch on equity
  • Country alliances and regional networking
There will also be a range of activities associated with the conference including displays, photography, and skills meetings.

Programme Information is online at: http://www.equinetafrica.org/conference2009/programme.php

Registration closes on June 30: http://www.equinetafrica.org/conference2009/register.php

There are also a number of workshops to be held in conjunction with the conference:
  • Communicating Research Evidence to Influence Policy - Convenor : African Population and Health Research Center; September 26 2009
  • BANG – the Next Technological Challenge to Africa’s Health and Well-being Convener: ETC Group; September 26th 2009
  • Participatory approaches to strengthening youth and health worker relations: The ‘Auntie Stella’ Toolkit- Convenor : Training and Research Support Centre; September 26 2009
  • Health Policy Analysis- Convenor : University of Cape Town ; September 22 2009
  • Experiences in Using participatory Methods for Health- Convenor : TARSC and Ifakara Health Institute; September 21 and 22 2009
  • Writing Skills for Publication in Peer Reviewed Journals- Convenor : TARSC September 26 2009
  • Building Health Literacy Capacities at Community Level- Convenor : TARSC, CWGH; September 26 and 27 2009
The PPD ARO does not have money to fund PCCs to attend this conference, but we encourage PCCs to look for funds in your organization's budget to allow you to attend, as well as share this information about the conference on Equity in Health with partners in your country.

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